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Your syilx Sisters offer training & communication supports, both in-person & virtually. 

Serving "Canada" and the "U.S.A"

 Located in the PST time zone.

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sqilxw knowledge is as old as the stories that shape the lands in our creation.

q'sapi Training
Culturally Aware & Trauma Informed Training 

Often a pre-requisite for working with Your syilx Sisters, this training acts a baseline for understanding how trauma-informed and culturally sensitive communications go to benefit authentic kinship-building practices with those you serve. The q'sapi training was developed from the law of story. 'q'sapi,' is how syilx people start their old stories, it means "a long time ago". The intention of the workshop is to honour Indigenous voices and reduce the harm caused by perpetuating harmful narratives and misrepresentations. Often it’s because of the lack of understanding that comes from not knowing the protocols around meaningful communications, accurate and authentic imagery, or not understanding cultural terms of engagement. This workshop is built to engage communicators, storytellers, digital designers, frontline workers who work within communities or with Indigenous Peoples, media relations, government officials, government workers, or anyone interested in learning more about protocols and Indigenous teachings that support positive connections.

We can tailor our trainings and cover topics such as: 

  • The wisdom of trauma: We talk about how we live in kinship with trauma and how to host the "visitor." We also share how cultural understandings and engagements are the key to working with the visitor. 

    • This delves into both a clinical aspect but most importantly looks at trauma from an Indigenous perspective.​

  • Trauma-informed and culturally aware understandings of coming together to build collective consensus. ​

    • Using sqilx'w tools and teachings for coming together. We talk about the importance of self-location. Rooting yourself in proximity to a conflict or situation that needs to be addressed so you can find your strength in speaking to it to come to a resolution.

  • Tips, tools, and techniques for trauma-informed engagements​

    • Using trauma-informed approaches to community engagements and how to ensure you are not creating further harm or making harmful assumptions. ​

  • Uncolonizing the workplace: Tips, tools and suggestions to Uncolonizing the workspace. Uncolonizing benefits everyone and to ensure workplace wellness we discuss how Indigenous folks have different needs in the workplace and how to best support your team through practical means.​

  • Indigenous land connection: We share how our responsibilities as sqilx'w people are sacredly tied to our homelands and the responsibilities given to us in our Creation. So when we feel unease, it's often because our blood memory calls us to enact our homeland responsibilities.  

  • Representation Matters: We discuss the importance of proper and accurate representation in all media forms through art, photography, and storytelling. We also discuss how improper representation can lead to cultural erasure.

Who we've worked with

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Tŝilhqot’in National Government

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